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Report Data on a Residential Facility

The purpose of this site is to collect data on non-governmental residential facilities that extrajudicially (without a court order) incarcerate minors. is a project of No Stone Unturned Federated Church.

It is our intent to share data collected through this site (once redacted and as allowable by law) with other trusted entities who have publicly expressed a committment to stopping the troubled teen industry from causing further harm to children and teens.

How to Help

1. Submit Data on a Facility


2. Donate

NSU uses currently donations to pay fees for FOIA requests and public records requests, DNA kits for Bethesda Lost Loves, and web hosting. In the future, as more projects commence, we expect to use donated funds to provide additional supports and services to survivors of institional abuse, including but not limited to: high school credit recovery, sanctuary services, legal support, and legislative efforts focused specifically on mitigating institutional child abuse. We are currently NOT paying any donated money to any individual or company. We are volunteers who currently donate our time and provide financial support, much of which comes out of our own pockets, for for NSU’s activities.


3. Volunteer

Based on the volume of data that may be submitted to this site, there may be a need for volunteers to help triage, redact, compile and report data. Volunteers must submit an application and pass a background check.

Prospective volunteers shall acknowledge that laws exist, both state and federal, that govern what type of data may be released and to whom. In addition to following the law, volunteers will agree to examine all potential ethical considerations regarding the processing of information submitted to this site. Volunteers agree to acknowledge the potential sensitivity of all submitted data and to remain vigilant about protecting survivors and their information.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please send your resume to